• About our team building activity

    Fun teambuilding activity, treasure hunt, scavenger game and city quest in one

  • The City Hunt is a fun team building activity where players (teams) try to find hidden mysteries and places of the city by using a series of clues. The game takes the participants through the historical streets and the most famous monuments while they search for the Secret Code of the city.

    • 2.5 - 3 h

      Activity duration

    • 9 - 300

      Number of participatns

    • Low

      Physical demands

    • Flexible

      Starting time

  • Game schedule

    Introduction, Game, Awarding of the winners

  • Part I.Introduction

    Meeting, intro, creating teams and rules explanation

    The game starts at a prearranged meeting place (usually in the center of the city) where during the energetic introduction your whole group is divided into the teams. All rules, necessary information and game kits are provided and our professional guides motivate everyone. When the above is done The City Hunt can begin and teams plunge into the game!

  • Part II.The game is on

    Treasure hunting, competing, searching for the code

    The teams compete in the historical part of the city, among the most famous monuments as well as beautiful hidden places where they search for the answers to carefully prepared questions using series of clues. During the treasure hunt the teams are challenged to fulfill various tasks in the quickest time possible. Answering all the questions allows to puzzle out the secret code.

  • Part III.Awards ceremony

    Time measuring, results check and awards ceremony

    After cracking The Secret Code teams come to the ending point (restaurant) where everything is evaluated by our professional guides. The best teams are awarded in the final awards ceremony with diplomas and prizes.

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