• Treasure hunt, scavenger game, city quest and team building activity in one

    • Meaning

      The City Hunt is a fun team building activity where players try to find hidden mysteries and places by using a series of clues.

    • Purpose

      To find out more about yourself, your co-workers and also to explore the city in a different way while competing with others.

    • Location

      The event takes place in the historical part of the city, among the most famous monuments and beautiful hidden places.

    • Booking

      Booking with us is very simple and quick. We do not require any deposit upfront and we have no cancelation fees.

  • Why is The City Hunt so convenient for corporate team events?

    The City Hunt focuses on fundamentals of company dynamics such as teamwork, shared responsibilities and communication. The hunt develops social and logic skills and ability to solve problems in unusual environment. All this in a very informal, playful fun way.

    • Get to know each other better outside the office
    • Introduce people working together on a new project
    • Emphasize teamwork skills in an informal way
    • Experience an interactive competition with awards ceremony
    • Provide a break at a conference or convention
    • Enliven social gatherings and events
    • Acquaint participants with the history, legends and stories of the city
    • City hunters

      Successfully made it to end and know what it takes.

    • Games organized

      More than 5 years of experience with treasure hunts, city quests and scavenger games.

    • %
      Satisfied clients

      Most of our games end with an applause. This is best reward that pushes us forward.

    • Our cities

      We organize our team building activity regulary in 30+ cities.

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    Photos from our team building activities

  • Meet Our Guides

    Our guides’ main job is to keep your whole group entertained and to be your best guardians throughout the game.

    • Milan
    • Petra
    • Gabriela
    • Carlos
    • John
    • Linda
    • Mirta
    • Simona
    • Paul
    • Martina
    • Lenny
    • Michael
    • Martin
    • Simone
    • Lilly
    • Veronica
    • Gaya
    • Dominica
    • Jay
    • Daniel
    • Jacob
    • Lena
    • Eva
    • Elena
    • Caroline
    • Barbara
    • Jane
    • Patrick
    • Mark
  • Our clients

    We organize our team building activity for organizations of all shapes and sizes across all industries. Here is a sample list of our clients.
  • A few words from our clients

    Our clients words after experiencing our treasure hunt team building activity

    • While organizing a trip for “googlers” from different offices across Europe we were also looking for a teambuilding activity. There many opportunities for a teambuilding activity in Luxembourg but they are usually very individual. The City Hunt is about teams and that’s why we have hired you.

      Bas de Koning
      Corporate Operations Engineer
    • This was fantastic ! Everyone loved it. We had a wonderful time and super nice weather. Hunting in the city was super great, I personally discovered many places…thanks for the organization.

      Nicolas Sarra
      Technical Implementation Manager
      Temenos Multifonds
    • Everyone loved it! It was excellent for a team building activity and a really fun game too! Thank you for the organisation and the support!

      Ana Thomas
      Global Services Manager
    • We were looking for a way to how to introduce Bratislava to the participants after an international conference. We are glad we asked The City Hunt to help us with that.

      Andrea Galisova
    • The treasure hunt went down very well – I didn’t realize how competitive we all are! Gabriela was great as a host and very clear with her instructions/guidance.

      Clare Innaurato
      Administrative Associate
      Vertex Pharmaceuticals
    • One more time, thank you for organizing the hunt. To give you a feedback, everyone enjoyed the game very much. As soon as soon the teams started to look for the clues and do funny teambuilding activities, they really got into the game.

      Eva Saal
      Executive Assistant to Chief Information Officer & Senior Audit Manager
      GE Money Bank
    • I would like to thank all of you for an amazing experience that you have provided for us – everyone had a great time!

      Anita Plesiu
      Services Operations Group Lead
      National Instruments
    • The whole The City Hunt team was very nice, funny and very good at listening to a customer’s needs. All of my colleagues were thrilled and surprised how little they knew about Prague.

      Martina Novakova
      Senior Communication Specialist
    • Your event was exactly what we were looking for. Everyone enjoyed the game and it was very interesting to see colleagues with such enthusiasm. We liked very much the whole game with the final evaluation.

      Zlata Ruzickova
      Recruitment Coordinator
    • A short while ago, one of my colleagues asked me for your website. She needs it for her boyfriend who was impressed by what she has told him about our afternoon. Now he is thinking about organizing your hunt for his company.

      Iva Palenickova
      HR Consultant
    • We had great time doing the treasure hunt activity and Karol was an absolute pleasure to have as a host. So big big thank you!

      Pamela Morris Williams
      Trip organizator
      Private person
    • Your agency organized and prepared the event very well! Patrick explained the rules of the treasure hunt so that everyone could understand it easily.
      The questions where nice prepared in the book and with the map and they have been funny! Patrick was really a very nice person and very enthusiastic – the group was very happy with the whole event!

      Silvia Strobl
      Sen. Administrative Assistant Medical
      Eli Lilly Regional Operations
    • We really enjoyed the activity. It was the first time for all of us, playing a city hunt game, and I think my colleagues really enjoyed the possibility to see the sights of Berlin. It was great fun; we liked that none of the answers very completely obvious, and that you really had to look carefully for some of them. It made the competition even more fun!

      Majken Nørby Ekam-Nielsen
      Office Manager
    • We loved it. It was truly a special experience. We had a short retro after the 2 days and The City Hunt was mentioned as one of the things that made us happy.

      Aki Salmi
      Software developer
      Visma Solutions Oy
  • Facebook reviews

    Feedback from our Facebook page @thecityhuntgame

    We are extremely pleased with our City Hunt experience. Our guide, David, had a clear and easy-to-understand introduction. The activities were well thought-through and we were able to experience the beautiful old-town of Riga in a fun and exciting way.The prizes at the end helped to create some competitiveness across the teams.I have received great feedback from all of our attendees after the activities, so we can definitely recommend City Hunt for anyone planning future team-building activities.
    Pernille Fausko
    Pernille Fausko
    We did The City Hunt in Bologna. We had 6 teams competing and we all loved it. We got to explore the city while searching for clues and doing some crazy tasks along the way. Jana who set this up for us was very helpful and organised and Denisa, our guide was just lovely! Good value and a great team building activity.
    Louise Blume
    Louise Blume
    it was really great fun and well - organized team building event. Even for Polish people it was pleasure to see Warsaw from such perspective. It was a good idea after company workshops and team building for whole team :). Linda was our guide, many thanks for great 2 hours!
    Marta Jachimiak
    Marta Jachimiak
    it was really great fun and the organisation was perfect! i am working in Luxembourg since almost 10 years and I had to do the City Hunt to get to know the city and to see what a beautiful place it is! had a few special requests and the programme was adapted accordingly without any issue! Great and really nice team- I'd definitively recommend!
    Aline Berwian
    Aline Berwian
    City Hunt in Luxembourg - If you’re looking at something different for a team event then you should book the City hunt as this was such a fun activity. We got very lucky cause the weather was beautiful and despite the high temperature everyone had a great time and the feedback that I had from my team the following were positive. Overall from the communication, the organisation, our guide everything was spot on. Ah and the price ceremony was very sweet and unexpected by the people. Thank you so much!
    Solène Guénolé
    Solène Guénolé
    Last weekend we experienced City Hunt through Berlin with a group of 40 people. All participants really appreciated the activity and will keep an unforgettable souvenir of Berlin thanks to this! On top of that, our guide Dominika was super professional and friendly. We will not hesitate to reconsider this activity in the future. Again thanks a lot to the whole City Hunt team for the collaboration & for making this happen!Natacha
    Natacha Da Silva
    Natacha Da Silva
    It was amazing! We did The City Hunt through Rome with my colleagues and I have to say that we had a lot of fun. After all day with meetings and sitting in one room, it was the great activity how to get to know the city, spend time together as a team, relax and of course to compete. Barbora, our guide, was very nice, professional and communicative. We had nice time after the game as well. Restaurant was really good choice! Thanks again for organizing it. From all team building activities we have had so far, I can say that The City Hunt was the best one!
    Mariana Kupčihová
    Mariana Kupčihová
    Team building in an unknown city for most of our team, we find this activity very challenging, thought-provoking and an extraordinary way to explore Brussels. A true test of wits and team spirits. The rain and cold did not stop us at all from having a FUNTASTIC time. Great memories! Thanks to our guide Honza! We hope to work with you again in our next city to discover 😍🙏
    Stre Retirado
    Stre Retirado
    We did a City Hunt through Budapest with 27 colleagues. It is a great way to discover the city and was much appreciated by all participants. Pavol did a great job as our guide and got everyone enthusiastic to compete (even those who partied the night before)Our entire group had a lot of fun, so would recommend for sure�
    Jeroen Mannaerts
    Jeroen Mannaerts
    We had a team building recently in Budapest for 50 people and it was great fun! :) The riddles were super fun - especially the tasks for the bonus points, and it provided ample opportunity to get to know the city and each other! TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!!
    Anuj Sancheti
    Anuj Sancheti
    Loved it ! I have arrange it for last week with a group of 45 people and it was excellent!Great team building, great guide and well organizedThank you for the fun time we had together !
    Ana Coutinho
    Ana Coutinho
    We did this hunt in Zurich as a team building event. It was well received and everyone had a GREAT time. I would highly recommend this event.
    Christine Henrikson
    Christine Henrikson
    We had a team building recently in Budapest for 30+ people and it was the most fun all of us had in a very long time!! :) The riddles were super fun - especially the tasks for the bonus points, and it provided ample opportunity to get to know the city and each other! TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!! :)
    Anita Plesiu
    Anita Plesiu
    We had so much fun running the streets of Tallinn doing the City Hunt!17 ladies in total enjoying the crazy fun and going for the win. It really made my birthday celebration the best ever.
    Pamela MW
    Pamela MW
    Thanks for organise the City Hunt game for our customer in Rome, they had a great time! For sure we will come back to you again for further cooperation and recommend you to other friends!
    Elsa Zhang
    Elsa Zhang
    We did a teambuilding cityhunt in Berlin this week with 12 members of staff. Divided into 3 teams, it was great fun and friendly competition. An interesting way of seeing some of the main sights of the city. I would definitely recommend this to anyone hoping for a fun-filled team building event.
    Majken Nørby Ekam-Nielsen
    Majken Nørby Ekam-Nielsen
    We had a team gathering in Paris with 19 people. For evening activity, we took a City Hunt. Divided into 3 groups, we had a lovely time walking around Paris, looking at some interesting historical moments / monuments. Some people said this would be a nice activity in all the cities we'll be having our team gatherings.We liked, especially, that the hunt consisted of walk, sightseeing and a bit of brain exercise.
    Aki Salmi
    Aki Salmi
    A fun way to see the city through team work with colleagues, all wrapped up with an award giving ceremony! An extra plus for great customer service :)
    Tine-Lise Kårstad
    Tine-Lise Kårstad
    Great organisation, great fun, great teambuling. Super professional team :-) Highly recommended.
    Luiza Farkash
    Luiza Farkash
    From our end, it was GREAT! We enjoyed it a lot, every task was so well prepared and thought through :) We have some nice memories to take.
    Andrea Borsos
    Andrea Borsos
    We had a very nice city hunt activity in Milan. The tour and game were great and gave a good impression of the city in only 2hours!
    Kelly Usewils
    Kelly Usewils
    We host large study abroad programs and this was a excellent way to keep them interested as they learned about the city. The guide was nice and informative, then the students got a chance to explore on their own all the while learning the history of the centre area of the city. The teachers as well felt it was a great team building for them. Definitely worth it if you do not want a traditional tour.
    Ryan Eusa Prague
    Ryan Eusa Prague
    Solidus Solutions NAV project team had an amazing day in Amsterdam with The City Hunt. 16 people discovering some wonderful facts and seeing some hidden treasures of the city. Thank you!
    Nik Brown
    Nik Brown
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