• See all 20+ cities to treasure hunt

    We organize our teambuilding activity in 22 cities in Europe. Find out where.
  • Treasure hunt, scavenger game, city quest and team building activity in one

    Welcome to The City Hunt

    • Meaning

      The City Hunt is fun team building game where players try to find hidden mysteries and places by using a series of clues.

    • Purpose

      To find out more about yourself, your co-workers and also to explore the city in a much different way while competing with others.

    • Location

      We provide corporate team events in cities within Europe like Prague, Luxembourg, Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow and many others.

    • Skills

      Best city treasure hunter has great navigational skills, never miss any detail but most important is very good team player.

  • Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer an interactive teambuilding event for companies.

    • Company fundamentals

      The City Hunt enhances team work, shared responsibilities and communication.

    • Foreigners and locals

      It is an excellent way for the foreigners to familiarize with the city as well as a great opportunity for locals to discover more about it via an interesting game.

    • Prepared in detail

      Our experienced team prepares the game in detail while taking into account various aspects so that we can guarantee a professional service.

    • We love what we do

      Treasure hunting, scavenger games, quest and puzzles are our specialty and we can show you the city as you have never seen it before.

    • Multilingual

      Our guides, your guardians, speak many languages so we can organize The City Hunt basicaly anywhere and in any language.

    • City hunters

      Successfully made it to end and know what it takes since we have started with city hunting.

    • Games organized

      A lot of experience with treasure hunts, city quests and scavenger games behind us.

    • %
      Satisfied clients

      Most of our games end with applause. This is best reward that pushes us forward.

    • Regular cities

      We organize our game regulary in 11 cities in Europe. But for us this is no limitation!

  • Key Cities

    We organize The City Hunt in 22 cities regulary
  • We have settled down in 22 cities where we organized The City Hunt regulary.

  • The City Hunt is fun team building activity, a game, a treasure hunt, that everyone would enjoy. It is perfect way how to discover mysteries and hidden stories of every city. It will walk all participants through the historical streets and the most famous places while searching for a secret code by using series of clues.

  • See all 22+ cities to treasure hunt

  • Why is The City Hunt so convenient for corporate team events?

    The City Hunt focuses on fundamentals of company dynamics such as teamwork, shared responsibilities and communication. The hunt develops social and logic skills and ability to solve problems in unusual environment. All this in a very informal, playful fun way.

    • Get to know each other better outside the office
    • Introduce people working together on a new project
    • Emphasize teamwork team building skills in an informal way
    • Experience an interactive competition with award ceremony
    • Provide a break at a conference or convention
    • Enliven social gatherings and events
    • Acquaint participants with the history, legends and stories


  • Find out how the game works!

  • Meet Our Guides

    Experienced, entertaining, pleasent
    Our guides consist of young people speaking multiple languages.
    Theire main job is to keep your whole group entertained and to be your best guardians throughout the game.
    • Milan
    • Jana
    • Pavel
    • Mark
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    We proudly organized our team building activity for
  • Testimonials

    See what they say about us
    • Your event was exactly what we were looking for. Everyone enjoyed the game and it was very interesting to see colleagues with such enthusiasm. We liked very much the whole game with the final evaluation.

      Zlata Ruzickova
      Recruitment Coordinator
    • The whole The City Hunt team was very nice, funny and very good at listening to a customer’s needs. All of my colleagues were thrilled and surprised how little they knew about Prague.

      Martina Novakova
      Senior Communication Specialist
    • We were looking for a way to how to introduce Bratislava to the participants after an international conference. We are glad we asked The City Hunt to help us with that.

      Andrea Galisova
    • One more time, thank you for organizing the hunt. To give you a feedback, everyone enjoyed the game very much. As soon as soon the teams started to look for the clues and do funny teambuilding activities, they really got into the game.

      Eva Saal
      Executive Assistant to Chief Information Officer & Senior Audit Manager
      GE Money Bank
    • A short while ago, one of my colleagues asked me for your website. She needs it for her boyfriend who was impressed by what she has told him about our afternoon. Now he is thinking about organizing your hunt for his company.

      Iva Palenickova
      HR Consultant
    • While organizing a trip for “googlers” from different offices across Europe we were also looking for a teambuilding activity. There many opportunities for a teambuilding activity in Luxembourg but they are usually very individual. The City Hunt is about teams and that’s why we have hired you.

      Bas de Koning
      Corporate Operations Engineer
  • Contact Us

    We are based in Prague, Mother of Cities, City of a Hundred Spires
    • Postal Address

      The City Hunt Office
      V Zarezu 6
      Prague 5, 150 000, CZE

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: +420 775 961 430
      Phone: +420 728 262 086

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Sunday
      6.00 am – 23.59 pm
      Weekend not to know

    • Hunting Season

      Jan – Dec
      All year long
      Let’s play

    • Did you know that the word 'robot' was first used to denote
      a fictional humanoid in a 1921 play R.U.R. by the Czech writer, Karel Čapek?