• Team building in Warsaw

    Treasure hunt, scavenger game and teambuilding activity in Warsaw (Warszawa)

  • The City Hunt in the Old Town

    Warsaw is an amazing city full of contrasts with a long history and secrets waiting to be discovered during our treasure hunt teambuilding activity. Let us show you Warsaw’s Old Town, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, from much different angle than any other activity and we will reward you with great time and lasting memories!

    • Includes the most interesting sights of the city
    • Treasure hunt and scavenger team building activity in Warsaw
    • Easy booking with no deposit needed and no cancelation fees
    • Activity duration
      2.5 - 3 h
    • Number of participants
      9 - 300
    • Physical demands
    • Starting time of the event
    • Meaning

      The City Hunt is a fun team building activity where players try to find hidden mysteries and places of Warsaw by using a series of clues.

    • Purpose

      To find out more about yourself, your co-workers and also to explore Warsaw in a different way while competing with others.

    • Location

      The event takes place in the historical part of Warsaw, among the most famous monuments and beautiful hidden places.

    • Booking

      Booking with us is very simple and quick. We do not require any deposit upfront and we have no cancelation fees.

  • What you get to see

    during our treasure hunt teambuilding activity in Warsaw

    • The Old Town
    • The Presidential Palace
    • St. Casimir church
    • Kamienne Schodki
    • Unesco plaque
    • Statue of the Mermaid
    • The Barbican
    • St. Anne's Church
    • Jan Kilinski Monument
    • Statue of the Little Insurgent
    • Kanonia
    • St. John Archcatedral
    • Sigismund’s Column
    • The Royal Castle
    • And many others ...
  • Facebook reviews

    What they say about us and our team building activity in Warsaw and other cities

    We did a City Hunt through Budapest with 27 colleagues. It is a great way to discover the city and was much appreciated by all participants. Pavol did a great job as our guide and got everyone enthusiastic to compete (even those who partied the night before)Our entire group had a lot of fun, so would recommend for sure�
    Jeroen Mannaerts
    Jeroen Mannaerts
    We had a team building recently in Budapest for 50 people and it was great fun! :) The riddles were super fun - especially the tasks for the bonus points, and it provided ample opportunity to get to know the city and each other! TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!!
    Anuj Sancheti
    Anuj Sancheti
    Loved it ! I have arrange it for last week with a group of 45 people and it was excellent!Great team building, great guide and well organizedThank you for the fun time we had together !
    Ana Coutinho
    Ana Coutinho
    We did this hunt in Zurich as a team building event. It was well received and everyone had a GREAT time. I would highly recommend this event.
    Christine Henrikson
    Christine Henrikson
    We had a team building recently in Budapest for 30+ people and it was the most fun all of us had in a very long time!! :) The riddles were super fun - especially the tasks for the bonus points, and it provided ample opportunity to get to know the city and each other! TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!! :)
    Anita Plesiu
    Anita Plesiu
    We had so much fun running the streets of Tallinn doing the City Hunt!17 ladies in total enjoying the crazy fun and going for the win. It really made my birthday celebration the best ever.
    Pamela MW
    Pamela MW
    Thanks for organise the City Hunt game for our customer in Rome, they had a great time! For sure we will come back to you again for further cooperation and recommend you to other friends!
    Elsa Zhang
    Elsa Zhang
    Had a great City Hunt through Luxembourg for our team event with about 20members end of April. For people who are new to Lux this is a great way to explore the city, and even for locals like me- I discovered plenty of new things I wasn’t aware of and just walk past every day without paying attention to.The fun activity was great too allowing us to be creative as a group �and taking fun photos.I would highly recommend the city hunt as a team event, especially for people that are newcomers to a company (for teambuilding) & to a new city ( to get to know all the whereabouts of the town).
    Corinne Lock
    Corinne Lock
    We did a teambuilding cityhunt in Berlin this week with 12 members of staff. Divided into 3 teams, it was great fun and friendly competition. An interesting way of seeing some of the main sights of the city. I would definitely recommend this to anyone hoping for a fun-filled team building event.
    Majken Nørby Ekam-Nielsen
    Majken Nørby Ekam-Nielsen
    We had a team gathering in Paris with 19 people. For evening activity, we took a City Hunt. Divided into 3 groups, we had a lovely time walking around Paris, looking at some interesting historical moments / monuments. Some people said this would be a nice activity in all the cities we'll be having our team gatherings.We liked, especially, that the hunt consisted of walk, sightseeing and a bit of brain exercise.
    Aki Salmi
    Aki Salmi
    A fun way to see the city through team work with colleagues, all wrapped up with an award giving ceremony! An extra plus for great customer service :)
    Tine-Lise Kårstad
    Tine-Lise Kårstad
    We were a group of 20 persons holding a team meeting in Prague and were looking for a teambuilding that would combine a fun activity where we would also get to see the highlights of the beautiful city of Prague. After a full days meeting the team welcomed a break to get out and stretch their legs. We split into four small teams, were provided a brief by the guide on the activity before venturing out to find the hidden pieces of the puzzle. It was a great teambuilding experience, relaxing and fun; the best way to explore the city by foot and discover some of the city's amazing history and sights. We highly recommend the City Hunt!
    Chloe Glover
    Chloe Glover
    Great organisation, great fun, great teambuling. Super professional team :-) Highly recommended.
    Luiza Farkash
    Luiza Farkash
    From our end, it was GREAT! We enjoyed it a lot, every task was so well prepared and thought through :) We have some nice memories to take.
    Andrea Borsos
    Andrea Borsos
    We had a very nice city hunt activity in Milan. The tour and game were great and gave a good impression of the city in only 2hours!
    Kelly Usewils
    Kelly Usewils
    We host large study abroad programs and this was a excellent way to keep them interested as they learned about the city. The guide was nice and informative, then the students got a chance to explore on their own all the while learning the history of the centre area of the city. The teachers as well felt it was a great team building for them. Definitely worth it if you do not want a traditional tour.
    Ryan Eusa Prague
    Ryan Eusa Prague
    Solidus Solutions NAV project team had an amazing day in Amsterdam with The City Hunt. 16 people discovering some wonderful facts and seeing some hidden treasures of the city. Thank you!
    Nik Brown
    Nik Brown
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      Yes, just like the famous acient city. My guity pleasure is delicious ice cream and the thing I love about TheCityHunt is meeting interesting people from all around the world.

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      I can do infinite Hoola Hoops and I am a yoga teacher. When I currently dont guide in Himalayas I organize Scavanger hunts. It fits into my lifestyle.

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      A man said to the Buddha, “I want Happiness.” Buddha said, first remove “I”, that’s ego, then remove “want”, that’s desire. See now you are left with only Happiness. :)

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      Carpe diem and lets treasure hunt.

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      My favorite movie is Marvel’s The Avengers. At TheCityHunt I always prefer bigger groups and my favorite memory is the event we organised for 150 people from Google.

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